The recent development with my recent ex caused me to reach out to another that I haven't spoken to since our breakup. Many of you who have been here for the last 3 years might remember the relationship I was in when I came to this site - and you all witnessed the collapse of it.

Well, it has been exactly a year since we last spoke and I thought it was time to bury the hatchet. To admit some truths and to disclose some realizations I've made along the way.

I was happy to hear he's doing well. He was nothing but kind and compassionate to me. I could not have hoped for a better response than what I got. I feel that. I finally have peace. I am no longer holding on to long past regret or remorse. Things happened the way they were supposed to happen - the way they always were going to happen.

And although he is not ready to be friends with me now, and maybe never will be, I am happy that we both have a little more knowledge and a little less regret in our hearts.