I won't be here for a while.i don't feel usefull using this site anymore, because it's full of trolls now :[ and it made me depressed when I read other peoples problems and I don't see my old friends much here.I got hacked twice and my entire history of posts got deleted. I hate how some people here hate me, because of my nationality and politics. I don't find this site useful anymore, because it's full of trolls and bastards now. I've to manage my time as much as I can, because i've few months to get ready for the exams that i'm going to take next year.And I want to spend much time with my gf and our friends who supports us.that's why I wasn't here much in past few weeks.still getting at least 10+ text messages per day and sometimes we get over 50 text messages per day lol.My gf and I try to stay away from internet for a while. Hard work makes you sucessfull :] Good bye <3