Sweet revenge

Five years ago I went a day earlier home from visiting my niece to find my husband of then 55 in bed with a young coloured woman.

I'm six years older, some overweight but still attractive. After almost thirty year of marrige it was quite a shock, as you can image.
After the shock I was furious and wanted to divorce him. He begged me over and over again not to, we have quite a wealthy life together and I know it will cost him a lot of money if I do.

When we got married I gave up my career to support his and he made his fortune.
He asked me to think it over, I promised to do but these images of him with that young coloured woman keep repeating themselves before my eyes every time I looked at him and that made me mad over and over again.

To give up the comfortable live, wasn't a option for me. I demanded a seperate bedroom at once, went shopping, bought me new dresses and visited a beauty shop.

The next day I went to the college campus, looking for a muscular black young man, he had to be an adult ofcourse, not a minor. I knew there would be one who likes older women like me and it wasn't too difficult to find one who wanted to go home with me because I promissed him a good bonus. I gave him sex and he gave me plenty sex, and how!

Since then I regularly visiting the sportschool to keep fit (and find a muscular young man if avaiable), also the college finding simular ones (I'm fond of body builders).

They know me by now, because they know they can count on some extra money if they please me well. I also became an expert to know if the young man of my desire is well provided because I had many now. I sometimes pay by the inch when I'm in a silly mood, I'm fond of the big ones.

I don't give a damn my husband knows what I'm doing, he didn't dare to say anything at me.
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anonymous user
You have ugly character traits and so does he. Pretty much a match made in Hell. Thankfully you both won't live too much longer anyways, so that's nice at least. Enjoy your vindictive ways while you can. :)
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