Dear Moon

You are my crush from afar. I’ve yet to talk to you about my experiences and listen to yours. I feel like we are seas away even though you are just a radius or two elsewhere. We see each other briefly on Saturdays but you are never looking at me for certain. I question my adoration for you. What is my reason to be so fond of you? Although I like you I don’t think I am in love because love takes more than brief encounters.
As a senior, two years older than me, you are not much older than it seems. I am 17, you are 19. I am in high school and you are in Uni. From the first glance
I could tell that you are an ambitious sort of guy—wanting to do the best and hoping for the best. Yes, we are so similar, don’t you think?
I have a passion for success and prestige but at times become the underachieved.
I plan to do the best of my ability so to get TOP marks so one day you will see that I am not a stupid girl but a girl with ability and determination. By then, my feelings for you may have changed or strengthen, if the latter then umm well you never know, it might become true love. Or, my heart may change directions and I will never see you again. Quite distressing scenarios aye ?
Moon, I don’t know much about you. Perhaps you have a lover and that you are madly in love with her or perhaps you are still a bachelor looking for the girl. Either way, I will still adore you, just cause haha. No, seriously, DO YOU HAVE A GIRL? I hope she is nice and treats you well ☺ or else I’ll take you away from her ;)

I’m going to empty my heart at of this moment to you.
The glances that you give me makes my heart flutter. The way you talk and move captures my every attention. No time is more treasured than the time I get to see you (which is very less might I say). Because of this, it gives me crazy thoughts of the above. I do wish that this puppy love would end and 2014 would give me a chance to find my first BF and first ‘real’ love. The three words that showed up in a get lucky FIND- A –WORD for the New Year was 1. Love 2. Popularity 3. Success
One of the three (preferably the third) would be sufficient but another would boost my self-esteem to the skies. Yeah well this is really complicated, my feelings that is, and at the same time I am afraid because I don’t want to cry for you because past experiences had cut me deep and I’m afraid one more breakage will destroy my dainty being.

I hope my SUCCESS will make me POPULAR so you will recognize me and we can fall in LOVE.

Oh by the way, I really wonder how feelings are conducted in boy’s mind. Do they feel the same feelings like girls or what? Do their heart flutters and mind occupy thoughts of the girl?