Still hung up :/

I started uni this year! soooo loads of things to do! ! !
yet the biggest thing that happend to me during summer just wont go away! ! ! ! ( I lost a chance at happiness) my mind is still so scattrd! ! !

I mean like when I finally told him I had feelings for him (fair enough he had moved on by then) he gave me the cold shoulder! ! THE COLD SHOULDER! ! ! he always wanted me to be more open ..annd then! ! he blew me off! ! !

anyway problem is..i thre everything about him out of my life! but I still FB his name wondering f he has a pic of his gf and himself up! I know its stalkerish lol but I'm not ! I just cant let him go :( hes made such a profound affect!
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you know you are not alone. wanna know my story? here

but talking to someone who can understand, it made me realize i have to try and respect his wishes and let him be happy.

if ever you need to talk, i'm here. take care