You're trying to sabotage my personal progress. It's obvious, and it's p*****g me off.

You know how desperate I am to get this crap going. You know I'm broke. You know that the apartment is so bad that it's housing maggots, still, and you are supposed to come over, this very night, to watch my cable. You ask me what I'm currently doing, and I name off a list of chores that I've got going right this second, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and all you've been doing is text bombing me ever since with absolute nonsense and garbage, talking about how you are currently out shopping and wasting money. Now, you just asked me if I wanted to go out to sushi, which I love and miss, to further prevent me from doing things I NEED TO EFFING DO, YOU A*****E KID. But, when I said I couldn't justify spending any more this weekend, you certainly didn't offer to extend your spending spree by treating me, which means your intention was to not only take me away from my responsibilities, but also have me spend my money that I've made crystal clear to you that I DO NOT HAVE MUCH, IF ANY, OF.

It's like you want me to fail, likely so that when you come over, tonight, you can say to yourself that I'm a disgusting pig of a human being who can't take care of herself and is beneath your standards, when it's you who usurps all of my free time and keeps me away from helping myself. And, you want me to stay broke so that I can not get ahead in life, so you can have that to add on top of your other justifications, as well.

Sorry, but the power tables have turned, and you aren't going to be able to flip them back. You have been kissing my behind for weeks, because you know I'm not at all impressed with or enjoying the sex. You can feel me begin to reject you. You're not liking it one bit and I know it's bothering you. You're probably finally starting to feel some sort of silliness for me, and now are trying to reverse it by trying to get back the control you had before. If I don't better myself, you don't need to feel these feelings. But, little obvious m***********g kid, I AM going to better myself. Because, unlike how you liked to used to think, I am a woman of value, the very thing your stupid little heart has been searching for, which you fooled yourself into overlooking. Great value, actually. In fact, it's probably going to hurt you when you finally can't ignore it, see me for what I am and always was, and realize that you absolutely blew your very lengthy chance at something you really did want after all.

I met someone online, today. I'm quite in shock, actually, how everything instantly clicks between us, how much of the IT factor he has. If anyone saw the exchange we had, they wouldn't believe that he wasn't made for me or that he's not someone who has already been with me for years and years in disguise. If he asked to meet up today, I would. That's how much of a click there is. If something comes of this, it's going to happen soon and fast, like crazy rapid. Not just this, but I have a few other guys interested in me, too.

Your window of opportunity, kiddo, might about to slam shut at any moment. It's already been closing. So, if you've got yourself some feelings, you're going to have some serious fancy footwork to do to show me that you are a man of value worthy enough for the likes of me. Yeah, that's right. I just said what I said. Feel the role reversal. Step up your game, if you ever had anything real to bring to the table, now's the time to offer it up. Or, just p**s off and stop wasting my time and distracting me. You're just annoying me, now.