I cant believed we actually had that argueement
and it started wit "HER" again.....
maybe it was my fault, maybe it was yours
but whatever you have to understand i'm scared of you hurtin me again
my heart cant take it nomore.....
it just seems to me like you care more about her feelins then you ever did about mine
i dont understand you say you love me but I dont think it's true
i'm just so tired and I know I said alot of mean things yesterday to you
but I just felt like you needed to hear them
cause all my emotions are bottled up inside and I cant take it anymore
you needed to know how if felt.........
yesterday you said "how can you say you love me so much but then you give but on me so easy"
well heres the truth
you gave up on "US" so easy, maybe it's your turn to hurt
and that sounds bad but walk around in my shoes
yeah you say your hurt too because she's pregeant
but I dont believe that....i honestly dont believe anything you say anymore
everything you ever said me was just words.......WASNT IT?
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Asking someone to stop worrying about a girl they got pregnant is a big deal. If you make him choose you, he may feel bad about it for a long time. If it's meant to be it will happen.
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U cant seem to trust him...basic requirement of a good promising relationship.He has to stop worrying about her if he wants to be with u.Please have a talk with him and then decide.
Good luck.
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