I wish your girlfriend wasn't always watching me suspiciously so that you could wrap your arms around me and comfort me the way I know you want to.
i wish we were still best friends, and yet sometimes i'm so glad we went our seperate ways because I really couldn't have taken anymore of your "emo" problems.
i wish that I had alot more spare time.
that I didnt cry so much that I go dizzy and I struggle to breathe.
i wish you were more and those other girls do not speak to anybody but each other.
i wish weed wasn't illegal.
i wish I didn't have to sit alone.
i wish I had more money.
i wish that I was a better runner so that I could win.
i wish I had more clothes for mufti day.
i wish I could get stoned for you, and not with darsh and them just me and you.
i wish people knew that I am much more of a rebel than everybody thinks.
i wish I wasn't such a good liar.
i wish life was like secret talk, where people can tell their secrets without living in fear of everybody elses judgements.
i wish I wasn't such a bitch.
i wish I was taller and skinnier.
i wish I was unique.
i wish I had a talent, a real one.
i wish I wasn't so cynical.
i wish guys weren't such jerks.
i wish I could just be happy, or just be sad.
i wish i'd stop complaining and being overdramatic.
i wish I could cry at school and not be called a "sulk" or whatever it is.
i wish I knew what love was.
i wish that this actually sorted out my life.


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Quit wishing and do something about the things you're able to change. Life isn't just about wishing. If you want something then make it happen.
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