don't get me wrong here, my boyfriend is probably the best person in my life. but we come from two totally opposite worlds, he grew up in a bad part of the city and grew up being taught cops aren't your friend, neither are firemen or ambulance workers or anyone who could bust you in for doing s**t you weren't supposed to too. i grew up ina house full of firefighters and ambulance workers who are best friends with cops. he grew up smoking and doing basically whatever the f**k he wanted, i was sheltered and told what was and wasnt right, and my parents often used scare tactics to keep me in line. he grew up with a giant group of friends who go out and stop by and do whatever the hell they want, i grew up with a small circle who were raised just like me. Sometimes i just think he cant understand why his world scares me, 17 years of being taught that if you go into the ghetto, you'll be shot, raped, killed, mugged, get addicted to heroin, whatever, i dont think he understands how hard i'm trying to not be afraid, but it is a foreign world that i was never taught the whole truth about. i'm still innocent on some levels, and i dont think he'll be able to understand it, until after i've grown up and can explain it looking back.