with a single act of kindness and they don't want any acknowledgement for what they do.
They are genuine and sincere about what they do however, others see them as a nuisance.
Many people don't need to have accolades, trophies or rewards to define who they are.
Believe me, if they had good health they would do more than what they could however, just waking up and being grounded, for some, is something they just have to be content with ~ They feel blessed even though, their good health has been taken away from them.
If we suffer inside because of what we don't have, this is something we have to endure in silence. ~ It is what it is!
Just be grateful many of you have good health, a steady income and a relatively good life because it can be taken away from you in a blink of an eyelid.
Too many people judge and are quick to point the finger at those who have your best interests at heart.
Too many people believe that what they do, defines who they are.
Some people are selfless whilst others are ruthless and take advantage of those who are kind.
Sadly, some live a lifetime and can't even say they have done anything worthwhile.
It is not always about money.