So, there was this guy I liked in highschool. We were friends and I developed a crush on him. He's not exceptionally good looking, he's got quite an average face, he was the class clown and a little obnoxious. So I never and still don't understand how my feelings for him grew. In 2015 he found out my feelings and hinted to me that he knew how I felt. I denied it cause I freaked out (I dont think I was very obvious about my emotions towards him) and I didn't want him to know. The next year, we stopped talking. He wouldn't even look in my direction and we drifted. Probably felt weird that I had feelings for him.

Well. its been three years since we last spoke. And today was the first time we had a conversation since that time. I was waiting for my friend at the train station and suddenly I see him casually making his way to me. He's got his hand stretched out and I shake it. We say our hellos. It was nice. We caught up on a few events that happened in the past three years. He lost weight and I barely recognised him at first (he wasn't overweight before but he looked really fit now). He waited with me for a while before he had to go.

I believed that I had gotten over my little crush. I knew a small part of me still liked him prior to todays encounter, but from the beating of my heart and flushed cheeks.
Clearly I still liked him.
I had always wanted to talk again since our friendship just ended so suddenly. So it was nice to finally have a sense of closure.

Unfortunately I'll probably never see him again. We don't have any contact with each other plus we have a different circle of friends.

I'm not devastated, I'm glad we got to end on good terms :)