They say it's a love letter to commercialism and greed. They see it as a day that glorifies materialism and causes undue stress to everyone.
I couldn't agree less, and it really, truly makes me sad that they see Christmas that way. Not the pitying kind of sad, either, but a genuine, makes-you-want-to-cry-a-little upset.
I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. To me, Christmas isn't about giving or getting. It's about warmth, comfort, and love. Christmas is about laughing over the story behind your favorite ornament as you decorate the tree. It's about the smell of sugar cookies baking, the sound of your quarter clinking its way to the bottom of the red Salvation Army bucket, turning off all the other lights at night and just watching the Christmas tree. It's about wriggling your way between your parents as they read "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" out loud, and it's about watching a little kid's face light up when they see that Santa Claus ate the cookies they left out for him the night before. Christmas is about taking comfort in ritual and tradition. It's about letting yourself feel truly, purely happy the way that you did when you were little--no matter how old you get, there's always going to be that twinge of excitement, that moment of untouchable, unadulterated joy on Christmas morning. It's the one time of the year that we all get to slow down and remember that we love each other.
That's why I love Christmas--I don't care about the shopping or parties or presents. I care about the love that your realize is surrounding you if you just stop and listen. It really, genuinely upsets me that my friends can't see what I see in Christmas.