So It Is True

i guess it is true when they say you go numb when you are just used to the pain.
i mean, i guess its not really pain but more like serious sadness.
I just can't feel my hand anymore when I think of the situation
I hate thinking about the way you made me feel
things were so happy.
Its funny how the first emotion you get is happiness and usually the last is sadness.
I know I have the rest of my life ahead of me, but it's so hard to try and make myself happy when you keep coming into my life.
How am i supposed to get over you?
I don't want to feel like a slug because of another human being.
It's just hard because it seems so easy for you to be happy
like all those years never happened.

Im working my way out of the hole but i can still feel my heart heavy and down on days like these and then it hits me without a note.

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anonymous user

But what I did see, looked like it would read, the way a goldfish looks like it should sound.

"Moom, moom, moom, moom, mooooooom. Moom mooom moom."
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