But, I got them before they got me.

I don't often check my cable bill and statement, but something prompted me to do so, tonight, and I'm glad I did, because I saw an outrageous price owing. I was a little worried that I might have been paying this for awhile without knowing, but no. My "package" simply happens to run out this month, and I caught it just in time. I got right on the phone, talked to the first rep. Didn't at all like the promotion he was offering, was costlier than my last promotion and some of my service that I wasn't wanting to part with would have been lost, so I went through and waited to be transferred to another department to perhaps cancel even my home phone to get my bill down to something reasonable.

Honestly, it seems to always be worth calling in and waiting to talk to higher departments, because the next guy was able to offer upgrades to my services and lower my bill by $30 a month from my original promotion. It was pretty awesome, actually. I'm rather happy. I wouldn't say that I'm a squeaky wheel, but I know my maximum when it comes to my cable, and I won't nor can't go over, so I simply laid down the law in a good-natured, sweetly-toned, but quite solid matter-of-fact way. So, spending $30 less than my maximum without having to put up a fight or any such nonsense is a call worthwhile and a very good deal.

I just have to watch out for myself like that more, continue improving my personal responsibility, and perhaps good things like this will continue happening. Imagine if I didn't check my bill out, today. I would have been stuck not knowing of the outrageous price hike due to promotion end, and would have been stuck being charged for it for a month or two, obligated to pay it, before I finally actually paid it. I would have been blown away at the cost and very upset and very much out of pocket. Now, I don't have to miss a beat. I essentially not only don't have to pay the crazy amount that appears on the statement, but I get credited next month and get a big discount every month thereafter.