Silently she screamed her the hopes that someone would hear her and make it stop
the pain the blood the lies the tears the sweat the hate the ungodly amount of unfairness

silently she wept, for all the things she knew should not have happened to her
the reasons she dies each day noone know but her...

SILENTLY she CRINGES at the thought of facing tomorrow
knowing that soon shes going to end it all

silently she prays for death
and hopes she gets the courage soon

silently she cries, because she knows her heart isnt in it anymore

LOUDLY she laughs
Loudly she smiles
Loudly she fakes EVERYTHING
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anonymous user
wow..... it's like a mirror u know I hurt for so long and still do but for a while

I put that smile on my face even though I felt like crying

I laughed even though I felt I was dying inside

I asked him to kill me knowing I couldn't

I had one drink with you even though I needed the whole bottle

I went home happy and the moment I turned around and bid u fare well I was in hell

I tryed so hard at work and sometimes it slips up you see my blank look

I'm not really there

I wonder sometimes how anyone besides myself would carry such a burden

I even think they would crumble

but everyday

A Smile
A Laugh
A Warm Embrace

makes me want to scream

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