I always knew one day we were going to part our ways.
I know it's all a part of life we all must move on to our
next journey; but I must admit I'm Silently hurting inside.
My heart feels as if it's missing a very beautiful special
person who I was delighted to see every other day. Even
If we only had a few words to say at least I was able
to see your beautiful smile. I've always pictured our
goodbyes with hugging each other tight, and I kissing your
cheek telling you how much I really appreciated everything you've
done since I have been there. "Yes I know," it is what it is, I totally
understand that, but what really hurts is how we didn't share our

I know this totally wasn't your fault at all. I definitely know you were
hurting very much; I really felt bad for you coming back from a
nice time to walking into a nightmare. You must have been, and still
feel bad. I really feel for you, and wish I could hold you softy into
my arms. I do miss you very much, but I know I must move on
however, you'll always remain in my heart. My thoughts of your
beauty will always captivate me. I'm hoping one of these days
after you get situated we can meet for lunch anywhere, you can
pick the time and place, I'll be there. I'm hoping to get a
goodbye hug that I have been craving for, but it won't be a
goodbye, since we're still going to keep in touch.

Ps. I hope you are ok.

From ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) )