Home Wrecker In Ohio

Say hello to one of Fairfield County’s most notorious side hoes. Alexis Woodside is herpes that wont go away. The is the most disruptive, and destructive person I’ve ever encountered. Whenever Alexis isn’t busy all over every man with a bike or money, or tanning, she keeps busy by juggling a handlful of married and taken men, leaving a trail of shattered marriages and relationships in her wake. This woman has zero shame. She’s the kind of ho that gets a guy to cheat on his woman and when the wife catches on and confronts her, she goes around telling everyone that the wife is crazy! This “little girl” needs attention SO DESPERATELY that she seeks it out from MARRIED, engaged, and taken men. No matter their age or the fact she KNOWS these men are in relationships. I really would have expected much more from someone who is supposedly serving our country. After using men for a good time and attention she continues an emotional relationship with them and also spent time with mine and I was in the dark. What kind of s**t continues an emotional or physical relationship with a taken man. Being how stupid this poor girl is she must have forgotten what adultery can do to her pathetic career I bet her parents couldn’t be more proud of their daughter and her abilities as an AIRFORCE Mattress. She will stop at nothing to cling to a man! Lowest of low in my book. She tried to play the “victim” and blame it entirely on the men. No one makes you go after another woman’s husband! She knew right from wrong and did it anyway! Hope she finds a single man to buy her the double wide she deserves! Trust me she WILL tell your man she misses him even if he’s with you. Has no issues trying to talk your man into taking her out for drinks or spending time with her because she is pathetic. She doesn’t care if the man is already taken. She has no issues being in your mans dm’s, in his text, on his snap chat, and will not respect your relationship. She will claim to just be a friend but won’t hesitate to call them inappropriate nick names like babe, husband, baby, handsome and so on and so forth. Say things disrespectful to their relationships with wives, fiancés, girlfriends. Aside from all the inappropriate, sexual conversations, she also sends dirty Snapchat pictures. Complete attention whore who will whine and cry about how sad she is just to get a man to talk to her and feel sorry for her. Everyone would be happier without her intown and on social platforms

UPDATE: I caution anyone against getting in a vehicle with her as she just got s**t faced and her driving while intoxicated landed herself, her new man, and two of her best friends in the hospital. My heart is broken for these people who had the misfortune of calling this pathetic human a friend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Karma DID come bite you in the a*s. Don’t mess with my man again sweetie. It f****d up that you want everyone to feel bad for YOU when YOU ARE THE ONE OUT WRECKING RELATIONSHIPS AND PEOPLES LIVES.

Snap and Insta: lexieeeannn