So this is a bad thing what has happened to me and my dad we had sex but it is not just that I also have had sex with my stepdad. I am 14 stepdad is 28 and my dad is 32 but my dad is better. One night I was at my dads for weekend and he got a shower and came downstairs with his boxers on and he said move up on the couch and was messing saying no so he just moved my legs and but the on his legs and started to give my feet a tinkle and he moved my foot on his belly And he pulled it boxers down and omg is d**k was huge. My dad said come and suck on it I went over to it and said what a sexy bastard and suck on my own dads d**k and balls.We started kissing and we took clothes of and he started to f**k me in the bum hole omg it was great he said he it going to f**k me every day and we had fun my own straight dad had turned in to gay with me sucking on my d**k fingering my bum snogging me and licking my toes I love him xx