Seduced By My Stepdaughter - Is This Considered Incest?


I started dating Jeanette when her daughter was almost in her teens. Jeanette was somewhat older than me and I moved in with her and her daughter
“Chelsea” as soon as I finished my Auto-mechanic apprenticeship. Jeanette and I had a decent relationship and we gave Chelsea a good stable home to grow up in. As president of a large Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma consultation firm Jeanette traveled extensively around the country (and sometimes overseas) so I spent a lot of time alone with Chelsea. I became a parental role model to her and we grew very close. A few years ago, we were stuck with devastation - Jeanette was on her way home from the airport after a business trip and died in a car crash. This completely turned our lives upside down. Chelsea’s father was entirely out of the picture (unknown to her) and Jeanette had a Last Will and Testament that basically left Chelsea the house and all of her assets (except her company life-insurance policy, which I was entitled to as her common law spouse) It was a big s**t show afterwards but finally with the support of Jeanette‘s parents I was appointed Chelsea’s legal guardian and we stayed together in her mom’s house.

After the dust settled I sat down with Chelsea and had a long discussion with her. I told her that I am no longer going to act like her parent, chasing her to do her homework and clean her room etc. She was no longer a helpless child anymore, she was now the woman of the household and that we had to be there for each other and support each other as a team, and help each other out in any way possible, and take care of each other. She learned from a young age how to do housework and was taking care of it when her mom was away on business. We were playing the traditional gender roles where I did the outside work and technical tasks including repairs and maintenance to the house and she all of the household chores (except cooking, that was mostly me). Things were going pretty smooth as we worked into a routine.

My sister is a CPA (accountant) and is a manager at a credit union, so she was a huge help to Chelsea and I with our finances. I used the insurance money to open my own mechanic shop and hired my sister to run the business end of it. She also helped Chelsea with investing her inheritance money. Even though Chelsea was only 16 she was more mature than a lot of adults I know, on top of being an attractive young woman. She is tall, slender with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair. I’ve never really looked at her in any romantic sort of way, and I took for granted that I would walk around the house topless wearing only boxers, Chelsea would also just wear only boxers (with a T-shirt). I was a lean 30-year-old and spent many hours at the gym to keep in shape, but I never thought for a second that Chelsea would have any attraction to me. With our current situation, I guess she had been too busy to date any boys. I sure as hell wasn’t on the prowl either as getting romantically involved with another woman was last on my priority list. I was able to take matters into my own hands so to speak whenever I got the urge. One afternoon I came in from the deck outside wearing only shorts, Chelsea was in the Kitchen snacking on some grapes. What she did at this point, as subtle as it was, opened my eyes wide to her sexuality. She was bringing a grape up to her mouth but she rested it on her lip as she looked me down and up, stopped at my abs while doing an eyebrow flash, put the grape into her mouth while letting out a half sigh/half moan and without tilting her head up she quickly raised her eyes to meet mine. I don’t even think she realized what she was doing until the point where she quickly glanced up. The whole thing lasted like 2 seconds and up until that point she was my dead wife’s daughter. I sure as hell would never try anything on her, I was someone to be trusted, and the last thing I needed was to get caught up on something that could ruin my life. With some concern in my voice I asked, “Chelsea”?

I never saw it, either I was completely blind or I had my head stuck way up my a*s but in hindsight it was plain as day. When Jeanette passed I spent a lot of time being of the couch, just lying there under a blanket whether the TV was on or not, I guess I was in a state of depression as I was mourning the loss of my wife. Chelsea would always cuddle up with me on the couch or lay down beside me if I was sleeping. It was kind of annoying but she had just lost her mother so I tried my hardest not to be selfish and to give her some affection, even if I just wanted to crawl inside a hole all by myself and die. I didn’t take much notice when I woke up to her kissing my neck, I would just pull back and make an annoyed grunt sound like some kid whose brother keeps flicking his ear. Quite honestly, I loved Jeanette, and a piece of me died when she didn’t come home that fateful night. At this point with all of this going on, Chelsea and I pretty much living as an adult couple, being each other’s crutch, and her awakening teenage sexual desires, it’s evident to me that she was falling in love.

Her eyes locked with mine and they started to tear up as she bit her bottom lip. She looked down at the ground and muttered “f**k” under her breath before letting out a sob. My first reaction, as always, is to approach her and hold her in my arms. She started to beat my chest with her fist as she cried, “this is so f*****g complicated. You told me that we would take care of each other, this is completely f****d up”. I grabbed both of her arms at the elbows and told her to calm down, she looked at me, let out a few sobs and nodded. She brought her left hand down and put it on my hip. She wiped her eyes with the other hand before putting her palm on my shoulder and slowly sliding her hand across my chest, over my abs and back up to my shoulder, then pulling me in by my shoulder to kiss my neck. I pulled back a bit but she moved her hand to the back of my neck and pulled me in. As I felt her warm breath and moist lips on my neck the blood flooded my groin at an alarming rate. This didn’t go unnoticed as she pulled my hip in with her other hand to do a bit of grinding action down below. F**k, I was gasping for air at this point, I hadn’t touched a woman in over a year and now, this teenaged girl whom I’ve been taking care of since she was 12 is pretty much offering me her virginity while rubbing my throbbing member. I reached back behind her, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Are you absolutely sure about this”?
“Please” she replied while nodding her head.
That was enough for me. She smelled so farking good, for the next three hours we explored every inch of each other’s body and let our passion run wild until we exploded all over each other. By the time I had reached the point where I couldn’t move anymore, I had come 4 times.
I won’t discuss details because I am still with her. She is now 19 and working on her Bachelor if Commerce (BCom), after which my sister will be taking her under her wing to become an accountant. We are deeply in love with each other and it’s not uncommon for us to shut our phones off and spend the whole weekend in bed. Still, nobody has a clue what we’re up to, I don’t really want the whole “Woody Allen” reputation bullshirt right now, and she doesn’t need people hounding her and asking her if I ever molested her when she was underage, and all that other bullshirt that goes along with a situation like this. Words can’t begin to explain the love and desire we are experiencing with one another. I never knew what true love was until that sunny afternoon, when I was in my dead wife’s kitchen, deep inside her virgin teenage daughter.
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