My dear, I'm sitting for a few moments,
before I start my busy day. At this second
I'm thinking of you. Everything about you is beautiful,
and my written words couldn't match up the beauty
I see within all of you. If only, I could warmly caress your
beautiful face, as I look into your amazing eyes while
I whisper gently to you, of how special you truly are.

At times, when I have a few moments away from my regular
doings I always stop to think of you; I wonder what it would be like
to kiss you so deeply that all we can feel, and think of is the gentle kiss.
I just wish some day we can hold each other close while shearing precious
moments when we finally entwine into one. Just remember, each time we part
I always will continue to keep you close within my heart.

I'm sending you this little note " Sealed with a kiss" hoping it will reach you soon, so by the time you read this I hope you can feel my lips softy touching your's. My dear, close your eyes, and picture us in the quiet room simultaneously kissing. :) Have a wonderful day.


( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) )