28 years ago I met the boy of my dreams and fell head over heals for him.Timid and shy I tried to get him to notice me and he did but from afar.He had assumptions about me belonging to someone else and I thought he thought me a little pest.I knew I loved him but my friends and family said it was a crush I would grow out of it.He graduated and moved on with life and I still followed him through newsclippings, words from family, etc.and then he got married and had a family.I knew my life needed to move on that it was love but not the right time.I still looked for him, kept up on him and hoped.Almost three decades later, through the fascination of facebook/classmates he found me.We've been conversing for a year and a half and its like we never had those decades between us.However, still wrong time.What do you do with that.Luckily or unluckily we are separated by distance so its only a platonic friendship but of so much value to my world.He was my first true love, I knew it then and I know it now.The question is, even if it's right it's still wrong and a negative and a positive can never be positive.I don't want to cut him out of my life and he says we will always be friends from this point forward that we respect each other and have the morals to never cross the line, that perhaps we might push the envelope and that there is always hope for Someday when our paths will be free to cross.So for the second time I am wondering do I continue to watch from afar and hope in my heart or do I acknowledge that sometimes you must love someone and never really be a part of their physical world.We both can make excuses as to why we have been drawn together again - mistakes in our marriages both of about 24 years, lack of intimacy, loneliness but we made our beds and we made goals and promises to others.We can't be selfish but loving him hurts, the thought of losing him again hurts, the thought of never sharing in that feeling with him hurts worst of all.....is there such a thing as right love at the wrong time and if there is and it's happened twice - could it be possible we will have a third opportunity and the timing will be right? Hopes of Someday, Sighs for opportunities....love is it ever right?