Thank you for replying to me.
To be honest, I have forgotten how to smile.
I know I should be grateful for everything I have in my life however, somehow along the way, ( I take full responsibility) have let many blacken my soul.
Now that they are out of my life, for good, I can focus on healing and like you said move forward.
There are many on the list, too many to mention, that have caused me so much grief and pain.
I believe a lot of people know when they cause harm however, they do not want to admit to it for various and obvious reasons. I don't make up excuses for vexatious/vindictive behaviour.
I totally agree with your response:
“If I can give up the pain, really heal, and move forward then I become untouchable to the circumstances that inevitably surround me.”
Eloquently put.
If I can master this, nothing or no one can penetrate me. Creating the necessary boundaries will give me all the protection I need.
I have been through too much hurt and know I need to heal from the inside/out. I take full responsibility for my healing.
Hurting others has not been my style for quite some time.
Yes, I am nowhere near perfect however, I always try to keep a distance from troublemakers ~ I can sniff them from miles away. A 7th sense I have developed over the years.
I can’t fully understand why I am a target for their wrongdoings.
No one has the right to harm, anyone.
Thank you for your prayers, Rose.
You seem like a level headed person. Very wise, indeed.