Dear Nenci,
Please do not encourage anyone to buy any medicines on line.
The integrity of the medicines may be compromised.
I am not sure if medicines in the pharmacy are completely safe, either.
If we want our medicines to be safe, we have to demand it.
We cannot leave our good health to chance.
As far as I am concerned, until there are robust systems/processes, out in place, no one will ever know if the integrity of what they are ingesting are compromised, in any way.
How does one know that they will never end up with a random flawed batch?
It happens with foods, cars, medical devices etc.
I wonder, if there are watchdogs, observing every pharmaceutical companies, day/night, to monitor the process of medicines being made.
Are the highest standards of quality being followed in every pharmaceutical company?
How do we know the integrity of medicines on line are not being compromised?
It is everyone's responsibility to know that what they are ingesting is safe.
Playing Russian roulette with people’s lives is a criminal offence and I hope that no other pharmaceutical companies are practicing unsafe practices.

Another issue:
All vaulted information pertaining to any medicine, should be made available to all consumers.
Consumers should have all the information pertaining to any medicine.
Who polices the manufacturing process of all pharmaceutical companies?

Please view this documentary.
It takes people like Cheryl Eckard to highlight safety issues within pharmaceutical companies. There are many like her who have been silenced for speaking up and are being treated poorly by their fellow man.

Who policies medicines online?
I want to believe that what everyone is ingesting is safe and effective.
We all deserve to know the truth.