Ditto My Dear , I totally understand. I really wish we can finally
hold each other close, while we gaze within each others eyes. You're very
much on my mind also. I wish one day we could spend some alone time
so I can finally tell you how much you truly mean to me. I want to whisper softy to you of how lovely you truly are; what I see each time I look at you, and whenever I watch you from afar. I adore you in so many ways. Your beautiful inside and out. It always makes my heart twinkle just to look at you, or to just say hi to you while you return my hi with your beautiful smiley face It just always makes my day.

I really love having little chats with you while standing close to you.
You just don't know how cozy I feel when I'm face to face with you
while we are chatting about anything, even if it's only for a brief time.
Then when we part you're on my mind for the rest of day and night.
All I could see is your gorgeous eyes and beautiful face. I wish there was a way to finally tell you. How would you like me to tell you? Would you think I'm crazy? The problem is how and where can I finally tell you? I feel the place isn't the place to tell you. I really would like to tell you outside of the place. Oh, dear one of these days. But for now I would like to spend little moments with you just chatting, and giving hints to you that I really want you. If only I could meet you in the quiet room for a soft and gentle kiss. Xoxo

(((( You know who)))))