Thank you for your candour ~ much appreciated : )
I agree, 100% with everything you have written.
You are a wise soul.
The only way I can move forward is to work for myself.
At this given moment, I have no idea what I will be doing?
I am still getting over this bad nightmare I have had to deal with and I know I will have my prayers answered soon.
These people who have sabotaged me are not worth my time or energy.
They are just a bad memory of my past ~ This is all they are!
They have done enough damage and the Law that protects them is just as delinquent as them.
As far as I am concerned, these nasty people are coming off my resume and let me reassure you, revenge is a waste of time! They will make me miserable, like you said and make matters worse because they thrive on lying.
I put up my flag because I prefer peace.
God will be my JUSTICE.
God is so loving and merciful.
I have been blessed to have a strong faith ~ this is what keeps me going.

What ever floats their boat, whatever it may be, I am not going to be part of their pathetic games, anymore!
Feel so sorry for the next poor soul who comes along and has to put up with their antics.
Perhaps, they may be stronger than I and put an end to their wicked games.
You people do not deserve genuine, sincere, honest, hardworking, dedicated, loyal and passionate employees.

You threw me under a bus.
You threw me under a train.
Then you buried me alive.
But you can not take my good spirits away from me!

I do not wish this unpleasant experience upon anyone else.
It is a horrible thing to do to someone.
I am not their victim.
I am in charge of my own destiny and if I were a judge, they would have no chance of swindling me.
Every morning, before I ground myself, I place my hand on my heart and say a few prayers. I let God take care of the rest.