Sorry that you feel that way, but the only person you should believe in is yourself. Of course God, should be number one priority. Anyway, life always changes. However, it could change for the better, or for worse it's all up to you how you want to make of it. You can't expect to make your happiness depend on how others see or feel about you that's totally up to you to create your own happiness. The first step is loving yourself, and the second is learning acceptance of the world around us, and most of all self-acceptance. Try to perceive life in a more positive way. Maybe if you can try to seek counseling to sort out your feelings.

I kinda know how you feel, I've had a few changes happen to take place last month; but I had no choice but to except them and move on. I did express my feelings about it on other sites, but guess what I'm ok with it I'm must move on. All it takes is time to heal. Hope you get better. Good luck.