So beautifully written by
your every word. I really wish
I could tell you warmly
that I love the way you
seduce my mind, and believe
me I wouldn't waste any
precious time, if I ever had
you for a few moments to
entwine with into more then just a kiss.

I'd look within your eyes while
I'm laying beside you with my
hands on your's slowly moving
to position my body upon yours;
simultaneously kissing your neck,
and gently touching all of you with
my lips. I'll reach back up to caress
your beautiful face, while our legs
are entwined into one, and softly
our bliss is soaked rubbing together
into one.

Let's use our imagination together as
one; simultaneously even when we
are face to face, or around a full
room of people, when the only way we can reach
each other is by presences, sight, and thought.
Besides, no one can ever see within our thoughts.