Race And Dating

I have to confess. I have had a long standing belief that I could and should only date black men as a black woman. I did have a thing for some Asian guys in school and growing up all of my celebrity crushes were white male.Luke Skywalker topped the list. Perhaps I was overcompensating for the way that I grew up given my dad was a doctor and I grew up in the suburbs but wanted to be viewed as "black". I used to say that I couldn't date a white guy because I didn't think I'd be attracted to their penis.
Now I don't care thank God. I'm glad that I'm over that stereotypical view on life concerning myself, what others may or may not think of me and what I think of others. I'm open to relationships because what's most important is one's character at the end of the day. Yes, one should be physically attractive to the other and common interests, goals and values. Bottom line it's about self respect and attracting people regardless of color to that as opposed to seeking those who will only support your insecurity in self. I'm proud to be black, natural hair and all. MLK didn't die so that we'd still segregate ourselves. When are we actually going to learn that.
I'm ok with the idea now. Doesn't mean that it will happen that way.but barriers need to be taken down in order to open doors to new opportunities. Later.
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It's nice to see open minded people. Keep it up :D

I do have to say one thing though.
You can't give Martin Luther king all the credit, a lot of people of all different races, nationalities, and walks of life busted their asses for equality and to see people make those leaps in history gives me some hope for the future.
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