My dear, did you know each time I see you
you make me smile, and just being
near you makes me feel so euphoric?
Did you know whatever I do, or wherever I
go I always take moments to stop and think
about you? Yes, I do my dear friend.
I really wish I could tell you warmly
just how much you truly mean to me.

I wish we can spend just one day together,
that would be an amazing dream come true
dear friend, did you know I wish I could
see a romantic movie with you, and hold your
hand in the dark simultaneously gazing within
your beautiful green / blue eye's .
If only you truly knew the truth.
Did you know dear, I'm saving this kiss just
for you? Never forget this if I can't have
a few moments with you I don't want nobody
baby. "Just you are my only dream lover."
l feel it within; you are my dream soul mate.
I really feel it when I look within your gorgeous

My dear friend, even when I can't spend time
together with you outside the place I have you
within my heart, soul, and my thoughts. Like today
I felt so unique just to see your beautiful face, and your
amazing smile.

Listen to the song "((((Faithfully by Journey.)))))"
xoxo I know that we cannot be together in the
in the real, but know this is what's in my heart and
thoughts. From me to you.

((((((((You know who ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )