for what they have all done for me.
I am by no means perfect however, I always strive to do good.
When you set up good people and everyone is your enemy, what can one do Jamie Rose.
I need help to set the records straight and make those who have wronged me, pay for their mistakes.
I want them to all fall flat on their faces and understand that when you hurt people who have done nothing but good, it can kill one's good spirits.
I love the movie Count Of Monte Cristo because everyone who does wrong gets what they justly deserve, at the end.
It would be nice if someone could help overthrow those who have done the dirty on me.
All I see is the bad get rewarded and the good being punished.
Tell me Jamie, who has the right to persecute/judge or lie about good men and get away with it!
I never see many bad men get their karma.
They say forgiveness heals.
I find peace when I forgive but then that ugly side of me, that poison that runs and boils through my veins, rears it's ugly head when I think about what they did and I am back to where I started. Grrrrrrr
I do want to see those with no conscience, pay for what they did!
I know revenge is not good but bad men need to learn their lessons, also.