After 2 days of silence, he sends "hey how are you". Ignored.

That's right, girl, don't jump at his beck and call just because he's looking for candy. You just go ahead and play that card that the internet love gurus taught you.

A couple of hours later "are you alive".

I give it a bit and finally send "what's up, bratface"?

To which, I discovered that ignoring him meant that I missed an invite out to watch the fight that I was waiting and hoping for all effing day long, I just didn't think the invite would come from him. Guess that's what I get for trying the "experts" way (which won't ever work anyway on Derek). I get to miss something that I was really wanting, then was asked if he could crash here afterwards. Double :P

At least the apartment is getting better that even he was impressed. I told Derek that full apartment opening will be coming in October. I plan for it to be in tip-top in time for the Walking Dead season premiere, so that he can visit to watch and sleep over comfortably in my ACTUAL bedroom. It seems like a long time from now, but it's a good timeframe for how I've been moving along with it so far, this summer. I'm going at my own pace and doing it thoroughly, trying to go through everything, bags of junk that have been shoved in closet corners and such. Yesterday, I didn't anticipate that the vileness I finally tackled and put down my kitchen sink would cause the entire building to stink so badly, that the store owner downstairs knocked on doors up here and was frantically looking for the source. My cowardly guilty arse didn't answer my door to him, of course, mostly out of fear that I buggered the drain system of the entire building. But, he had every right to freak out, as it heavily reeked of cheesy-assed vomit. The smell still lingers a bit, but I've mostly covered it with a Febreeze refill and bought a wackload of more cleaning supplies, will be doing a lot of bleach and boiling water down the drains, more vinegar and baking soda, more Mr. Clean, more dish soap. Thing is, even though what I got rid of yesterday was a huge big deal and hurdle, today I know that I have even more of the same in another saucepan to tackle. No one should ever live under the same roof and living space as what I've been housing. If the health department ever walked in, there'd be big trouble. But, at least I'm fixing it.