I have people that I occasionally talk to but they're homophobic.
Don't get me wrong I hate it I just can't understand why I'm letting it happen although we have no gay people at our school just one in the High School I feel as if it is unfair for them but I do think about it and they will be excepted one day. Do not get me wrong I have a lot of close African American friends but it makes you wonder because they were like this once too.
But here we are yet again, African Americans and whites are aloud to be mixed in the same school shore it probably caused whites to move and take their kids out of school and move but it doesn't matter because in reality wherever they moved they were going to end up to have their kid go to a school with and African American in the school. But then look at the 'Gay' people they're just trying to fit in and feel like they belong its EXACTLY what the Africans felt so why all the pure harsh judgment to them? They don't harm people and they stay cautious of who they cross so why make them feel even worse about who and what they like. One of your best friends may be gay and you have know clue about how they feel about what they're feelings are feeling you just care about what you say as long as it comes out of your mouth. But honestly.? Who are we kidding? Or any of us? Its just a waste of 'precious' time off your 'schedule'.