Pain, Hard Work, Sacrifice = Death

No matter what you do in this life, it always ends up in death. How can there be meaning in anything when it all has to end someday? It's just all so pointless. Why do we willingly submit to this misery and decide to pass down our genes/suffering to others? Seems both selfish and unenlightened. Stop the suffering in its tracks and live for the moment, not for a tomorrow that might never come.
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Exegi monumentum aere perennius
regalique situ pyramidum altius,
quod non imber edax, non aquilo impotens
possit diruere aut innumerabilis
annorum series et fuga temporum.
non omnis moriar multaque pars mei
vitabit Libitinam; usque ego postera
crescam laude recens, dum Capitolium
scandet c*m tacita virgine pontifex.
dicar, qua violens obstrepit Aufidus
et qua pauper aquae Daunus agrestium
regnavit populorum, ex humili potens,
princeps Aeolium carmen ad Italos
deduxisse modos. sume superbiam
quaesitam meritis et mihi Delphica
lauro cinge volens, Melpomene, comam.

Horace. Horace, Odes and Epodes. Paul Shorey and Gordon J. Laing. Chicago. Benj. H. Sanborn & Co. 1919.

Non omnis morirar; not all of me will die.

And it is true, because thousands of years later we still know who Horace was. We still draw references to his "monument".

He managed to create something that has lasted. Will you? Oh right. Too busy trying to be edgy on the interwebs.

Go out and make a difference for the better.
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Wow. I couldn't have said it better myself.
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