Holy crap, now that I feel that I can, boy, do I ever want to spend. . . immediately. I want everything that I've been longing to purchase all at once, and I want to wait no second longer. LOL!

I've decided to purchase the adult trike that I had my eye on last summer. It's more expensive than a regular comfor bike, but so handy with a great big basket in the back, so practical. Good reviews, lots of talk of ease and comfort. I was nearly sold last year, but Derek pooed the idea of an adult trike, which made me feel embarrassed, but you know? Eff that. I like it. I want it. And, I think I'm getting it. Tomorrow. But, why tomorrow? Why not chill out? I can't even bring it back to the apartment, so that means it'll just be sitting at NuHome, not being used until I'm all moved in. Why can't I just wait until I move in, then?! Sheesh girl! No bloody patience for waiting on treats. I'm sort of amused and worried about my sudden impatient greediness. I know why this is happening, and anyone should expect this from me in these early days and weeks of receiving financial oxygen after so long. I only worry that I don't calm down soon, and this turns into some new anxious relief or habit or some psychological bullscrewery from the after-effects of extended financial strain.

I'll get the trike. But, does it have to be tomorrow? Does it have to be this week or next? Chill, woman!