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I was recently told to tone my POF profile down, as it is too deep, so detailed that it makes me seem boring.

I don't think that boring is anything anyone who has ever been with me would describe me as. But, I am serious about love. It's serious business for me. If I read a profile that was like mine, I'd be pretty intrigued. I'd want to know as much about a person as soon as possible. I'd want to know them before meeting them. I'm not at all attracted to mystery and the unknown, unless it's about mystery and the unknown, not about some flesh and blood person that I'm potentially looking to spend my life with, give my heart to, and be vulnerable with. I don't think it's boring to be an open book. Eff, it's safe! Very attractive for me if someone can or is trying to be so honest, considering that I already have to assume that every other single person in this world is deceptive and lies, and that I will have to go on what I learn about a person myself. But, if what I discover about a person lines up with what all they initially revealed, the stronger the trust. So, the more that is initially revealed and later discovered for myself to be true, the better! There will be more to trust, more to respect, more to love.

I will not be changing my profile. And, what's furthermore, I'm going to start doing the things that would attract myself, and do exactly what I'm not supposed to do, according to every piece of advice I've been getting for the past three years. And, every other man in the world can go on and think I'm crazy and insane, or boring. I'm not looking for those men. I never was. I'm looking for a unicorn, and have thought everyone I had ever been with was one. I just wanted them to be, I guess, and projected my wants upon them right from the go, so that they quickly fit perfectly in that role, instead of taking my time and REALLY neutrally observing the dude, first. This is how I got so blindsided and left for a huge loop when the dudes left. THIS is what I'll be changing. Not too much more, sorry love gurus. I'm either going to prove you wrong, or I'll live the rest of my life loveless.

And, what I plan to do, is live my life as if he's already in it. Well, for the big things. I still will cook for just myself and earn for just myself for now, but what I add to my life, the big steps, he's there. If I'm single during my next move, I will find a place with room for two. Enough dishes and utensils for two. Furnishing for two. Bedsets for two, closet space for two, computer memory enough for two. That sort of thing. The more I move ahead as a single woman in my new life, it will become bigger things, like a job with income enough for two. I'm going to set everything up, for him, so that when he comes along, all he has to do is be the one, and as a reward for being the one, enter and start living the benefits of my planning for him. I don't know, but if someone did that for me - plan for me and think of me, save for me, prepare for me, all before I even enter their life - that would absolutely floor and impress me. I'd be so wildly moved and fall that much more in love.

I would expect it would impress my unicorn, too. You other dudes can think it scary or boring or whatever, you are not the men for me.
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Whats your profile link? Im on pof as well
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