Our Magical Moment

My darling sit a while with me. Let's watch the morning sun rise above the trees and mountaintops. Let's share this glass of wine and reminisce of the wonderful times that we have shared together. Hold my hand against your heart and look deep into my eyes. Tell me what you are feeling deep within. Let's take this moment as we unwind and express all that we feel for each other. Hold me close as the powerful wind breaks. Let's make this beautiful morning last for all of eternity. If you look beyond those treetops ahead you'll see Heaven's angels as they dance celebrating the birth of a new day. Close your eyes and you'll hear them as they sing their joy and praise. Let's get lost in the magic of their beautiful voices, see the majestic eagles as they soar. It’s amazing how their mighty wings just seem to embrace the entire horizon. They leave me breathless as I sit here and admire each one their beautiful colors reflect the rising sun. There's a colorful rainbow forming against that rough mountainside. It touches me and let's me know that we are alright. As I look into your radiant eyes, there is something that I want you to know. I want you to know that deep inside of my heart I will always treasure you. No one could ever take your place or make me fall out of love with you. I adore everything that makes you, you. Thank you for sharing this magical moment with me and for always being by my side whenever I need you. You truly are an amazing woman inside and out. I will never forget this special day and the way that I feel right now. I am forever yours, I love you.
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anonymous user
Sun's rising, and you are already knocking back glasses of wine?

You're some kind of despicable drunkard, who'll have bottles of plonk in brown paper bags, aren't you?

Or are you just a foolish snot, who keeps thinking that overly flowery prose is actually a good idea?

(Want to guess which one I think you might be?)
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