A fairy tale we never knew
as kids our love just grew and grew
a walk through the playground hand in hand
a motion for silence one trip and I'm dead
i grow up weaker everyday
we seperated for years of my decay
strangers almost certain
lovers couldnt be torn apart
your eyes get me lost in a pool
i guess we can make that the start
a fight or two thats who we were
making up was always rough
to be or not to be
when I left the state
you were my only need
im sorry for the things I said
oh how I wish I could take back time
baby your the world to me
so wont you just accept me back into your life
i love you more than youll ever know
i miss your kiss
your touch
your soul
you know that your the smile on my face
without you my world is dull and gray
suprise me soon
with your love...
for my happiness
is overcome
a kiss or two
thats all I need
a high five
your touch is my biggest feed
so take a moment
and dwel upon this
i love you
and thats my only wish.