I keep wondering if this really is the end for us. Is there no more chances? Why has it been so hard for us?
I really do love you, you know.
But timing is everything. There's more to a relationship than just love, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we will ever be in the same place mentally and/or physically. I'm so tired of waiting when there's nothing, no progress for a year or two. You've a lot on your plate so I understand. But you must also understand, I deserve more than leftover crumbs. You're dealing with a lot, but your silence and lack of effort kills me.
I'm really sad about this, but of course you don't know. You're off being a hermit somewhere as always.
I miss you, and it's hard to actually accept that we most likely won't be together in the end. It's harder to accept that there's a chance that you probably don't care at all or even love me anymore. Oh well, maybe another lifetime.