Or, Staying Put's Okay, Too

While I've been pipe dreaming for nearly a decade about getting the crud out of this province, it turns out that the province I'm in and always have been, is a prime place in this country to do something that I would like to try my hand at.

I don't know if anyone would guess that I would like to take up gold panning.

Unless you spent time observing me play outside as a kid, watching me at the side of the road, at the edge of ditches, searching for treasures and picking out rocks and stones for hours (or, hell, even light garbage picking), you wouldn't know. Yeah, my interest in crystals stem much further back than just my initial pre-teen interest in the occult.

Granted, I don't know much about gold panning, yet, I've only looked it up a few times within a year, but a simple search of where to pan tells me that I don't need to leave my own province for a lucky chance. That's kinda convenient!
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I tried that once in South America years ago. Didn't really get anything of note, just some dust, and aching knees.

Did find a piece of what the amateur geologist from the local university said was uranite later in the day. Maybe I'll go pull it off the shelf and use it to make a tiny nuclear pile or something. Or maybe not. XD.

To be honest that rock scares me, I don't know why I keep it around. Gold would have been a much better find.
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@Mopy I hope you enjoy doing whatever it is you like :)
Whether you stay or go or anything inbetween just live your life and be happy
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