There are faraway lands that I have never experienced or seen in person. Images or clips of these places make me awed with wonder. How magnanimous is this world, the lands, the nature, the creatures inhabiting. How in goddamned hell can anyone say they can't see a reason to live? There's no way these people are actually looking. It's such an insult to the many amazing mysteries to be discovered by any individual, invitation to all by sheer birthright.

This life, this place, is majestic. Even at its most horrifying and alarming, notably that of human interference, this life, which is shared by all, is great. It holds secrets and promises of more greatness. There can be lessons taught literally with every turn and every breath you take. Opportunities can be, and are, endless. You don't even need to travel far and wide to find them. Even without taking a step, they are there. Why anyone would choose not to see them, floors me to the point of anger.