Stupid people grow up believing in god because their stupid parents teach them to be that way. Gullible people who have no other meaning in their life gravitate towards religion because they believe in justice and only see the best in others. Privileged people who have everything (i.e. rich, beautiful, successful) believe in god because they have no reason not to! Their lives are perfect, so it perfectly suits them to believe that they deserve everything that's come to them. That's why a lot of old Republicans stick to their old, greedy, god-fearing ways.

However, people who have dug themselves out from the dirt of life know that they only have "god" to blame for their problems. People who pray to the empty sky and who are not answered. Those who have struggled their entire lives and gotten nowhere. Then they have to learn to depend on themselves only, and realize it's been that way since the start. There's no one looking out for you. No one cares about you. You're only in it for yourself.

Whether or not "he's" real, he's not deserving of anyone's praise. He's a piece of dogshit. The world will be a better place once we rid it of every last trace of divine worship.