that I have outgrown you
and have released you from my heart.
Perhaps, you no longer see me,
The same way I see you.
Perhaps, you are telling me to move forward,
And see our connection,
As one of those experiences,
To help me love myself.
Does improving oneself,
come in the shape or form of:
- Being of service to humanity
- Changing career status
- Becoming a better individual
- Financial security
I don’t know if I have achieved all of the above however,
does it really matter?
When you love someone,
these qualities or attributes,
are not so important.
If you love someone,
you love them for what they are,
Not what they have.
I guess LOVE comes and goes.
For me it is constant, unconditional and pure.
If I have moments of weakness,
I am sorry if I am human.
If you disapprove,
then I am sorry for my failures.