One Sixth Of A Door

Well, I guess there's no denying it. We've been here for over six years, I think, and have never painted or adjusted anything. The walls are finally rejecting the puke-green paint that had been administered since who-knows-when, and our outside door has poo-brown paint that started to peel. So, what do I do? That's right, mofos: I grabbed a sliver of the uprising paint, and pulled. And, I pulled. And, I pulled more. I pulled enough to reveal that this door was once silver with graffiti scribbled in black magic marker all over it. What class!

My landlady is going to be some ticked off, but a paint job was inevitable. Plus, it looks like she salvaged the door from a curbside however many moons ago.

This apartment is a dilapidated mess, and we haven't exactly attempted to prevent this.

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I remodeled the entire house, spend over 2000 to fix wall with cement and quality paint, base glue then lair and after months, this piece off s**t place started pealing off once more. if the base is f****d, you can't fix it :)
I just give up on any attempt to make my living place nice, just give up. you can't win with old crappy places.
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