Come, let me take you into my world, where passion flows through the veins so intense that it can’t be ignored. With one kiss, I can open your heart, your soul to the passion and desires which burn within you. I want to share with you all that I am as we embrace this love so tender and true. It is more than just mere passion, or just sex. It is the expression of such a love we feel that we long to embrace; to succumb to the desires burning deep within our souls like a mighty inferno never to be controlled.

My Love, there is so much which this humble heart does long to give to you. Take my hand and let me guide you to the true passions within my heart, where you are always my princess, my angel, that I love and long for so much. Even though I show you that always, in the paradise in my soul the intensity of it is all that I long for, I desire. For you are everything to me, my world, my life, my true existence. When I look into your eyes, I feel like the world around me no longer exists and there is only you and I, that matters within this crazy world. Oh, my darling, kiss me so lovingly, let our lips meet in a soft and tender embrace so that I know you feel the same. Even though in my heart I already know it.

My Princess, I vow to you that I will always love and adore you, always and forevermore. You are all I have dreamed about and all that I ever longed for. And knowing you are in my heart and life, I want to scream out to the heavens so the angels can hear my praise, my appreciation, gratefulness, and Love which I have that you are with me. For you are my world, my everything, and I give to you all that I am, every ounce of my being to you. And will always try to be your hero, your prince, and all that you have longed and dreamed about.

I love you, my Princess and will till the end of time.