Thinking of you again my love.Happy moments and all.

I miss you terribly.

That one last time you spoke to me , proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt
That we will be together again.

This life is so very brief. It really is.I didn't know until I got this point and stop to say
" I'm 50!, how'd that happen. That was quick". Of course as you go through life it's all the junk that drags on you and the good moment are so fleeting . Though those moments I spent with my wife live on in me.

We all have our good moments. I hope you all are able to gain a few extra great ones this year.

Fate took my wife by fire and destroyed me for a while. I survived and healed to an extent.
After such an experience. one can never say truly healed 100%. But I'm in a far better place then I was before.

All that I can say is that I know that there is life after this. Some hard evidence was given to me to nail that home for me while I was in a state of doubt. I doubt no longer.

My mind is clear.

I love life. And I am a happier man.

I'm glad I was here in this world. And to experience my one true love.