This is the last day off I have without laying down roots in Prince Edward Island. I may not be happy with my life here, but that's because I want my life THERE! And, maybe I've lost my hope for here, that I don't care to start new things here, but I can start new things over there from here, RIGHT NOW!

Enough's enough. Before the month is through, I'm going to either update my resume, or figure out how and make a new one on this mini laptop. And, I'm going start sending that crap out. Not here, or at least, not JUST here, but there. I just ran into an ad for a dealership receptionist in Charlottetown, tonight, and though I'd meh about it here, I'd jump on it there. And, I don't want to see an even more suitable opportunity posted without my being ready to pounce on it. Also, Kijiji is a great place for everything from real estate and where to rent, to community events, networking. I don't want to do any of that here, I don't want to meet anyone here, but there. . . I would want to. I have no dreams, here, so there is absolutely nothing I want to do here or be a part of, and I'm so done doing nothing except driving myself absolutely bonkers, that I'm now moving onto doing everything I want for there. Just little things I can set up shop from here. Already act as though I'm there from here. Immerse myself in the culture, lifestyle, pace, news, community, as much as the internet will allow me. It's where I'm going to be, anyways! May as well be as prepared and planned and set up as possible.

Now, THIS is exciting, establishing myself as an islander before becoming an islander! Being stuck and feeling stuck here has been dragging me down for too long. I think that is mostly what's making feel like I'm losing my mind.