Off track

My lover left me for the last of 3 times (with the space of several months) almost 2 years ago.Each time she had a different excuse; from "I'm need to fix myself" to "I feel it isn't God's will for us to be together".
The first time was out of the blue, totally unexpected for me, but she said she'd been thinking about it for several weeks.She said she still wanted to be friends, but she didn't realize how much she meant to me.I stuck around, we got back together, she broke it off, stuck around again, she broke it off by email and told me to never contact her again.
That's fine, but I feel like since she left my train's jumped off the tracks.And I don't know how to get back on them.
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1) Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

2) Hey you know what would be pretty cool? Getting the train to jump the tracks like if it was double dutch or something. I mean... it's jumping them all on it's own right? So why not see if you can train it. Then you could take it on TV and become famous!
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Of course you know how to get back on them.

To quote a Kansas song,

"The answer is always so simple, and we all know where to look. But sometimes it's easier just to avoid the question."

Defining yourself by the will of another is unhealthy.

Do something, anything.

You'll find a way.