Eventually, spending so much time together, and through something as personally impacting as this move, which was honestly going rather smoothly and without a hitch, you were bound to get to know more of the real me. I have been exceptionally chill and relaxed, but any concerns or upset that I have had about it, you have judged as me being negative and mopey to extremes. The guy has never ever seen me more than a little frazzled, has never seen anything close to one of my old classic tantrum spaz outs. Not even a raised voice, let alone the screaming fits that I used to let rip in front of only my most trusted and close. But, there he goes, ladies and gentlemen, yet another emotionally stunted, selfish, materialistic sociopath out of my life once he took the prizes he wanted, or once those prizes came to an end. Cool, chill, strong Amy that your first impression conjured up has been unmasked and, finally, you are seeing me. And, just like everyone else in the world who sees me, off you f├╝cking go.

All I want to do is discover a deserted island and live there, away from this species I somehow have been mistakenly been born as. And, my greatest wish after that, is that this island is the same place that broken promises and dreams go to.

I hate people, all people, because people either hate me, hinder me, or hurt me. I am an obvious alien within a human's physical structure, but I have nothing else of kin to one. And, you stupid humans who remain in my life, are only ever super criticizing of me and make living my life a completely restricting bummer.