You hated ice skating, so I stopped going.
You hated my hair down and when I wore my heels because they made me look tall, so I tied up my hair and wore flats.
You don't drink, so I swapped champagne to juice to celebrate every New Year we spent together.
You hate travelling, so I tried to travel with my friends instead. Each time I would try to tell you a funny story, you would find a wise comment to say about why its silly and not at all that funny.

I love dancing, yet you never took me dancing.
I love road trips, but you still haven't learnt how to drive outside of your usual route to work.
I love the beach, but we never went because "the sand gets everywhere" and "easy to get sunburnt".
I love new foods, yet I can never try them with you "because who knows what might be in there".
Presents are not important, yet you haven't gotten me anything in years because you "didn't know what to pick".

Your version of fun was sitting on the couch. Watching the days go by outside of our apartment window.

And now that it's over, I am free. People say "what a tragedy, together for so long". Yet I am discovering myself. I am enjoying every sunset I see, every drop of rain that touches my skin. I am getting lost in the music at bars and in different cities, I am caring way less about what people think of me. I am smiling so much these days. Friends are saying that I "have a glow", imagine that.

You tell me that I have never compromised to make us work - yet I have locked myself away for way too long.

And even with a broken heart and having to start again, I feel I am closer to where I was meant to be all along.