Need Guy Advice

Met a guy on tinder while I was home for spring break. We made early plans to hangout whenever I got back in town, which was two weeks later. We texted everyday leading up to it, except for a day or two where we were busy with school.
We both made it clear that were interested in sex, so the first hangout was the bold choice to spend a whole weekend at his apartment. So we had a bunch of sex the first night (Friday), and then I was a horrible sleeper and kept him up practically all night by moving around (oops). Saturday, he had an early class and gave me a heads up that this was a busy weekend for him with school. I give him head, and later he asks if I'm cool with keeping this casual. I say yes. He asks if I could run off somewhere and come by at night, so I hit up some friends and go out for the day. At night, I ask if I should come back around and he says he's still working on homework. I stay at a friend's. Sunday, he texts me when he wakes up. I go over there a few hours later. I expect that we're going to have sex, but we don't. We just kinda half cuddle and watch a movie. We have an awkwardly positioned hug in the car and laugh it off.

Sooo post-hang out. He texted me that same night. I left by 7pm, got the text by midnight. I didn't respond until this morning because I fell asleep. We exchanged a couple of texts, and he left me on read for 9 hours. I've been super insecure and its driving me nuts.

Is he, or is he not into me? He has not explicitly said that he has likes me, or thinks I'm pretty, or even that he's had fun. Just a "thank you for being flexible" and a "I'd do it again." Any insight?
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I didn't even read it all. Just caught where you agreed to him that this is casual, then scrolled to where you predictably asked if there's anything more, if he's into you.

That's not a question that someone who agreed to be cool with casual asks.

Here you go: no, you're not cool with casual, you lied, and absolutely no, he's not at all into you. And, you're not allowed to be upset about it whatsoever. It's the pill that you have to swallow for bullcrapping about your own intentions. But, if he were into you, you would know it, it'd be obvious, and you wouldn't need to ask.
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